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Babies are near and dear to our hearts, so we promise you the best in obstetrics care.

We offer comprehensive obstetric care for the pregnant patient, from the time of conception to delivery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. This care includes an initial evaluation which will answer all of your questions regarding your pregnancy.

Our practice is unique in that we have both midwives and physicians providing care to our pregnant patients. This team approach allows our patients to develop a personal relationship with all of their providers.

Babies Are Our Passion!

LWR~OB/GYN Services For Expectant Mothers

Our office will provide complete obstetrical care for our patients including prenatal testing, first trimester screening, in-office ultrasound, and delivery at the advanced birthing facilities at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

For complicated pregnancies such as twins, gestational diabetes, and hypertension, the facilities and capabilities at Sarasota Memorial Hospital is second to none.

SMH Baby

Sarasota Memorial Hospital provides the region’s most advanced women’s and children’s services with the highest safety ratings in the nation. It’s a depth and breadth of care no other hospital can offer – and peace of mind that really does matter when you’re about to bring a new life into the world. We work with SMH to help offer our new mothers access to a great online service for expectant mothers…

SMH Baby, powered by YoMingo, delivers customized content + free, convenient access to:

  • Expert tips and information on prenatal care, labor and birth, breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum wellness — including lots of videos.
  • Specifics about the birth experience at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, including details about your arrival and stay.
  • Sarasota Memorial’s menu of childbirth education classes and support groups for new moms and breastfeeding assistance.
  • Handy pregnancy tools, including a kick counter, contraction timer and personal journal.
  • Must-have tools for tracking your newborn’s wellness, including feeding and immunization logs.

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